A Dozen Tasty Uses for Barbecue Sauce from the BarbaCuban


If you love barbecue sauce but feel like you always do the same few things with it, we’ve got some suggested uses for barbecue sauce to help you expand your repertoire. This condiment is surprisingly versatile, and it can really bring lots of different dishes to life in a new way.

Here are some recommended uses for barbecue sauce, including our BarbaCuban 455 4 Barrel BBQ Sauce. Its amazingly rich depth of flavor—thanks to ingredients like guava, bourbon, and Cuban coffee—elevates any dish you use it on.

Good Uses for Barbecue Sauce & BarbaCuban’s 455 4 Barrel BBQ Sauce

  1. Make pulled pork or chicken—or even “pulled” tofu for a vegetarian/vegan option
  2. Skip the tomato sauce and prepare barbecue chicken pizza or flatbreads
  3. Add it into your meatloaf and glaze the top with it (instead of using ketchup)
  4. Combine it with a little sour cream and use it as a dip for jalapeño poppers, mozzarella sticks, cheddar and sour cream potato chips, and more
  5. Glaze the top of a salmon filet
  6. Mix it into your mac and cheese
  7. Prepare a Mexican-style potato salad using red potatoes, barbecue sauce, Tajin, jalapeños, and cilantro
  8. Use it as a marinade (check out our tips for properly using marinades)
  9. Put a little bit on your cornbread or cornbread muffins
  10. Simmer some barbecue baked beans
  11. Eat some barbecue grilled bratwurst with roasted pepper and onion on hot dog buns
  12. Try this barbecue strawberry chicken recipe, or swap out the strawberries for pineapple and make it with chicken or pork