11 Must-Have Father’s Day Gifts


Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the dad who loves to grill. Whether he’s a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard BBQ enthusiast, there are plenty of great gifts to make his grilling experience even more enjoyable. From meat-shredding tools to grilling cookbooks, here are 11 must-have gifts for the dad who loves to cook up a storm on the grill.

Grill Mat

Grilling is delicious, but the cleanup process can be a hassle. The Aoocan Grill Mat is a gift that will make any dad’s life easier, providing a non-stick, easy-to-clean surface for cooking on the grill. It’s also great for those with dietary restrictions who worry about cross-contamination, making it a versatile and practical gift.

BarbaCuban Apron

Keep Dad looking sharp and protected while he grills with the BarbaCuban Black Bib Apron. Made with durable and stylish recycled polyester and sustainable cotton, this apron will keep his clothes clean while showcasing his love for grilling. It also features an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit.

The Barbecue! Bible

Even after almost 20 years, The Barbecue! Bible by Steven Raichlen is still considered one of the best books about grilling. Packed with mouth-watering recipes, tips, and techniques, this book is a must-have for any grill enthusiast. It’s a gift that will take your dad’s grilling skills to the next level and make him the ultimate grill master.

Meat Claws

The Bear Paws Meat Claws are a game-changer for dads who like to make their own pulled pork or brisket. These handy tools make shredding meat easier, with sharp claws that can effortlessly pull apart even the toughest meat cuts.

Stone Grill Cleaner

If your dad’s grill could use a refresh, then the Better Grillin’ Scrubbin Stone Grill Cleaner is the perfect gift for him. Made of 100 percent heat-treated glass, this cleaner effectively removes built-up residue on grill racks and is a natural alternative to wire grill brushes.

Grill Top Pizza Oven

Pizza lovers rejoice! The Cuisinart Grill Top Pizza Oven Kit is the ultimate Father’s Day gift for those looking to elevate their pizza game on the grill. The cordierite baking stone retains heat for perfect crispy crusts, making your pie’s toppings even more delicious. Bonus: it can also be used to prepare other dishes such as bread, fish, and mac and cheese.

Grilling Prep and Serve Trays

Grilling can sometimes get chaotic, with different foods finishing at different times. Keep things organized and safe with the Cuisinart Grilling Prep and Serve Trays. One tray is designated for raw meat and the other for cooked meat, making it easy to keep everything separate and avoid cross-contamination. They are sturdy, stackable, and dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Stainless Steel Grill Basket

Give Dad the ultimate grilling accessory with the Mr. Barbecue Stainless Steel Folding Grill Basket. This high-quality basket is perfect for grilling vegetables, seafood, and even smaller meats without worrying about them falling through the grates. Its stainless steel design also ensures durability and easy cleaning. With its convenient folding feature, he can take it on the go for a BBQ away from home.

Meat Thermometer

Accurate temperature reading is crucial for perfecting any grilled dish, and the Thermoworks Thermapen ONE delivers just that. With the ability to measure temperatures within a second, this high-quality thermometer ensures that every steak, chicken breast, or smoked ribs comes out cooked to perfection.

Flexible Torch

Help Dad light up the grill like a pro with the Zippo FireFast Torch this Father’s Day. This sleek but powerful lighter will make him feel like a superhero as it effortlessly lights up the grill with its easy switch on top. It’s a practical and thoughtful gift that will come in handy for all his grilling adventures.

BarbaCuban Sample Pack

Ignite Dad’s taste buds with our BarbaCuban Ultimate Sample Pack. This unique bundle includes six deliciously crafted condiments, marinades, and sauces of your choice. With these authentic Cuban-inspired flavors, Dad can take his grilling to new heights and wow guests at his next BBQ.

This Father’s Day, show your appreciation for the dad who loves to grill with these great gift ideas. From innovative grilling tools to helpful cookbooks, these gifts will make his grilling experience even more enjoyable and delicious.

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