American Barbecue


When it comes to barbecue, it’s hard to argue that American barbecue is king. Each region of the country has its own unique barbecue style, from the smoky flavors of Kansas City to the tangy taste of North Carolina. And, of course, no barbecue discussion would be complete without mentioning Texas — the undisputed bbq pros. At the heart of all great barbecues are the sauces. The type of sauce used can make or break a barbecue, so it’s important to understand the variations in sauces from region to region.

Kansas City

Kansas City-style barbecue is known for its thick, tangy sauce made from tomato, vinegar, molasses, and brown sugar. It’s sweet and spicy, with a deep, smoky flavor. This style of sauce is perfect for slow-cooked ribs or pulled pork.

North Carolina

Similarly, North Carolina-style barbecue is all heavy on the vinegar. The sauce is thin and tart, with little to no sweetness. People often make this sauce with a combination of vinegar, pepper, and a few other spices. This type of sauce is best used on pork shoulders or whole chicken.


Texas-style barbecue is all about the heat. To make your own, you’d typically make it with a combination of chili peppers, garlic, and onion. It’s spicy and smoky, with a bit of sweetness. This type of sauce is best for brisket or smoked sausage.


Meanwhile, Alabama-style barbecue is a bit different from the others. It’s mayonnaise-based, with a hint of vinegar and a bit of sweetness. This type of sauce is best for white meat, such as chicken or turkey. Try our Cubama White Truffle Sauce to get a taste of this flavor.


Memphis-style barbecue focuses on the rub. This type of sauce is typically made with a combination of paprika, garlic, and other spices. It’s smoky and tangy, with a bit of sweetness. This type of sauce is perfect for ribs or pork shoulder.

No matter what type of barbecue you’re looking for, chances are there’s a regional style that will suit your taste. So, fire up the grill, grab your favorite sauce, and get ready to enjoy some delicious American barbecue.