A Dozen Tasty Uses for BarbaCuban Havana Gold Sauce


Our Havana Gold sauce is one of our most popular products, and it sure is delicious. It’s actually a combination of our 455 4 Barrel BBQ Sauce and our Original 455 all-purpose mustard sauce. It has a rich, complex flavor profile and a creamy consistency, and really, it’s just awesome. But people who aren’t yet familiar with this unique sauce are sometimes a little unsure about what to do with it. So, we wanted to offer some uses for BarbaCuban Havana Gold sauce, just to provide some ideas and inspiration.

Of course, there are lots more uses for BarbaCuban Havana Gold sauce that aren’t covered here. It’s much more versatile than you might think at first glance—or first taste. And we’re always happy to hear and share your ideas and recipes on our social media if you send them to us via direct message on social or through our online contact form.

Without further ado, here are a bunch of uses for BarbaCuban Havana Gold sauce, so be sure to pick up a bottle today and try it out!

Good Uses for BarbaCuban Havana Gold Sauce

  1. Coat your grilled or baked chicken wings (or slather it on any chicken to add amazing depth of flavor)
  2. Top burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, or hot dogs with it—or make a fantastic sausage sandwich
  3. Cook up a unique pulled pork, pulled chicken, or even “pulled” tofu by using Havana Gold in place of barbecue sauce
  4. Put it on salmon for a fun change from regular BBQ sauce-coated or mustard-coated salmon
  5. Dunk pork, chicken, fish, veggie, or just about any other type of dumplings in it
  6. Forget ketchup for meatloaf and meatballs; use Havana Gold instead for a great, surprising new variation
  7. Add a new twist to appetizers like jalapeño poppers, mozzarella sticks, or pigs in a blanket with Havana Gold dip
  8. Mix it into your mac and cheese for a totally different experience
  9. Stir some into your baked beans for a flavor profile like you’ve never tasted
  10. Brush it onto steaks, ribs, pork chops, lamp chops, or other red meat
  11. It goes great with potatoes, so dip your fries in it, put it on your baked potatoes, mix it into your mashed potatoes, stir some into potato salad, add some to your scalloped potato topping, and so on
  12. Use it as the acid and a flavoring agent in marinades (read more about properly using marinades)