A Dozen Tasty Uses for Alabama White Sauce


There are lots of famous barbecue styles and sauces all around the South. But one of the lesser-known varieties is one that hails from Decatur, Alabama circa the late 1920s. It’s a white, peppery, mayo-based barbecue sauce. And because it’s not all that well known – and because we’ve recently introduced our spin on this sauce to our product lineup – we thought we’d offer some inspiration about good uses for Alabama white sauce.

But first, in case you need a bottle or two, here’s our BarbaCuban Cubama White Truffle Sauce. Whether you’ve had Alabama white sauce before or not, our take on this unique barbecue sauce is sure to wow you. It has the classic creamy texture and peppery bite of Alabama white sauce, but we’ve modified the standard recipe to make it more exciting and versatile, including with an infusion of truffle oil.

Once your bottle is in hand, here are twelve delicious uses for Alabama white sauce.

Good Uses for Alabama White Sauce and BarbaCuban Cubama White Truffle Sauce

  1. Slather it on chicken wings—one of the most classic uses for Alabama white sauce
  2. Drizzle it over smoked turkey to add some serious flavor to this relatively bland bird
  3. In fact, it’s a perfect marinade, basting sauce, and topping for just about any smoked or grilled meats and poultry
  4. Dunk chicken nuggets, fingers, and tenders in it
  5. Use it as the dressing for a more exciting coleslaw
  6. Brush it onto baked or grilled salmon fillets
  7. If you like dipping your pizza in ranch dressing, you’ll love dipping it in this sauce
  8. Swap it in for mayo when you make potato salad
  9. Top just about any preparation of pork with it
  10. Serve it as a dipping sauce for crudités (or dip your veggies in it when you’re having a snack)
  11. Do something different with your burger than ketchup or standard barbecue sauce
  12. Try it instead of mayo for egg salad